UnFolded Volume III - New Art Book Out Now!

UnFolded: Volume III ( Limited Edition )


🎨 **UnFolded Vol. III: The Origami Gospel Unveiled**

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of origami artistry, where paper comes to life under the skilled fingertips of one of the most renowned origami street artists of our time. In "UnFolded Vol. III," you're invited to embark on a journey through the vibrant tapestry of creativity woven by the artist's masterful hands.

Step into the artist's realm as they unveil the essence of their origami gospel. With each turn of the page, immerse yourself in the tactile experience of their meticulous craft, where every fold tells a story and every mural whispers secrets of inspiration.

**A Glimpse Behind the Murals:**

In this volume, witness a captivating fusion of art and introspection as the artist delves deeper into their creative process. Discover the evolution of their style and technique, accompanied by intimate insights that unveil the heart and soul behind each masterpiece.

**Highlights from the Journey:**

From the symbolic "Crystal Palace Rabbit," marking new beginnings, to the poignant "Unfolding Resilience: The Scorpion Mural Saga," each mural in this collection is a testament to the artist's unwavering dedication and artistic prowess. Delve into the narratives woven into each piece, enriched by the artist's personal reflections and revelations.

**Exclusive Insights and Original Photography:**

Experience the thrill of never-before-seen photography, offering a glimpse into the artist's world beyond the canvas. Marvel at the raw beauty of original reference photography, providing a rare glimpse into the genesis of each mural's creation.

**Unlocking the Narrative:**

As you journey through the pages of "UnFolded Vol. III," unravel the rich tapestry of stories woven into every crease and contour. Let the QR codes at the bottom of each page transport you into the heart of the artist's world with the immersive video series, "From Folds to Walls."

"UnFolded Vol. III" isn't just a book; it's a testament to the transformative power of art. As you close its pages, may you carry with you the inspiration and beauty that unfold within, a reminder that true art transcends boundaries and touches the soul.

- Limited Edition of 25
- Exclusive Cover ICE WHITE Gloss Laminate
- Text pages 170gsm gloss paper
- numbered and embossed
- certificate of authenticity
- Set of highly collectible 3 UnFolded: Vol. III alternative covers


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